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Skin City (DVD)

Skin CitySkin CitySkin City
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Starring: Carmen McCarthy, Claudia Rossi, Katie Kaise, Lolly Badcock, Rio Lee, Robin Truelove, Theo.

It’s high summer and the heat is on in Skin City. All the street rats have come crawling from the woodwork - assassins, criminals, prostitutes and private dicks - and all of them are hot and horny.

Jay Romer is a washed up dick at the end of his career. His only friend is his pot plant - he’s had no work for months and is drinking himself into a stupor. Suddenly the phone rings and femme fatale Claudia Rossi is on the other line asking for a dick. Jay thinks he’s got a case, but when he arrives he finds that Claudia had another kind of dick in mind!

Rio Lee is a hardened pro, disillusioned by years of broken dreams. After returning home from a hard day’s night she calls up her young friend, Katie, for some company but has a sudden crisis of conscience. Befuddled by alcohol, she decides that she can’t let Katie end up like her and plans to give Katie the ultimate kindness - and the ultimate cruelty.

Theo has been trailing Steve Hooper through winding city streets for a while now, but she can’t get close enough to give him what he deserves. When he ducks into the shady joint across the street for a whiskey and a whore, Theo seizes her chance. Pretty soon she’s about as close as it’s possible to get without grinding both of them up and mixing them together. Which is kind of what they do anyway!

Petra is a private detective bored of adultery. She’s following Jay for his jealous wife and finds him cavorting with stunning American teen sensation Carmen McCarthy. Suddenly, spying on adulterers doesn’t seem so bad, and she climaxes whilst watching one of the hottest, most energetic scenes that Relish has ever filmed!

Lolly Badcock, Steve Hooper and Jay Romer have found themselves locked in a deadly Mexican standoff, each with guns trained on the rest. The first one to crack will trigger a fatal gun battle, and none of them want to die. Suddenly, in walks Robin Truelove to diffuse the situation with an erotic dance!

Skin City is film noir as you’ve never seen it before. An absolutely fantastic piece of porno. We Highly recommend that you view this!

Includes: Blazing hot bitches, two studs on one girl, double penetration, anal sex, porn-style girl on girl, double ended dildo, fishnet stockings/sexy lingerie, thigh high PVC boots, pierced nipples/pussy, top English stud, super fast/hard fucking, shaved/trimmed pussies, voyeurism, 'murder', guns, fat lady, orgy, giant boobs, tit-fuck, sex hammock, cum on face/mouth/body/neck.

Running time: 1 hour 51 minutes. - PAL

Extras provide photo gallery, behind the scenes and Directing porn with Hazza B. Gun.

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