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Spy Babes #1 (DVD)

Spy Babes #1Spy Babes #1Spy Babes #1
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Price: 19.50

Order number: DVD22130

Delivery time: usually 2-6 calendar days.

Starring: Carly G., Tammie Lee, Leona Lee (aka Jenny Badeau), Heavens Angel, with studs: Jason the Plumber, a Decorators' Inspector, Adam a Graphics Designer, Neil the Gardener.

A whole new subculture has evolved where women call the shots! Made in Britain with a British cast, Spy Babes are here!

See women enjoying sex without any strings or attachments. For the men? It adds to fantasies actual workmen might have while on a customer assignment.

Horny and at home on a warm summer's day. What are lonely oversexed women going to do? Playing with themselves doesn't always hit the spot. What they really need is a damn good shag!

Some women don't wish to control their urges and want to take control of the situation and document their sexual conquests. So they secretly set up cameras, invite that tradesman round they fancy and try to fuck him. The hidden cameras film all the juicy action in stunning high definition.

This may have been happening for a long time, but now Your Choice has found these Spy Babes who are willing to share their private videos of sexual conquests with the world. Look out fellows! You might be next!

Four, insatiable English MILFs each have their wicked way with an unsuspecting tradesman. She is in complete control of the set-up and the man is the victim of her seduction. It's a secret that only her and the viewer know about.

First they masturbate just for you, knowing you are behind the hidden camera, before they get handy with the handymen.

Watch the FREE PREVIEW below the Extended Synopsis.

Running time: 1 hour 54 minutes - PAL

Extended Synopsis:

Carly G. Getting a Leak Fixed
A friendly plumber arrives to fix Carly's leaky tap. What she really needs though is his cock. Carly is always horny and never shy. She flaunts her big boosted boobs in his face and unleashes Jason's long hose to suck.

Carly hops onto the kitchen counter, swings her leg over his shoulder for his dick to sink into her wet slippery slit. After mounting him directly in front of the hidden camera, the cum slut shows you that it's her pussy that's now dripping not the kitchen tap.

Tammy Lee. Inspects Mr. Inspector
Join Tammy as she plans to have lots of fun with the decorators' inspector. The naughty lady is already excited to think you'll be watching.

While she shows him damaged paintwork in the hallway, he inspects her ass which gets his bent boner stiff. He fucks her this way and that, his balls slapping her thighs. Now there's cum on the carpet and Tammy is a satisfied customer.

Leona Lee. Loving Her New Graphics
Here's a phat-assed babe who wants to make payment for her new logo with sexual favours. Adam is a shy guy, but when she chats him up, releases his stiffie and strips, he gets the message.

The website designer and the Leeds lass test the durability of her well-worn sofa, her plump natural tits swinging as he fucks. He cums over her belly.

Heaven's Angel. Extra Work For The Gardener
Heaven fancies Neil the handsome gardener. Gardening is hot work, so she invites him inside to discuss her patio. That's not really what's on her mind, as he finds out as soon as she swallows his cock up to his balls.

Then it gets hotter than hell as Neil gets on his toes to shag the Essex beauty. You won't take your eyes off her heavenly body as this seriously sexy duo give a dynamic performance. The horny couple will need a cold shower every time the grass needs mowing!

Includes brief anal sex in last scene. No close-ups, it's just a voyeur's delight! Staff Favourite!

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